Since 2016 I have worked everyday tackling the hard issues we as Floridians face. I pledge to continue this work everyday that I serve the constituents of District 20.


Develop Business Initiatives and Incentives that promote new businesses and enhance employment rates with competitive salaries.


Defend and Support education policies that prevent the Federal Government from forcing leftist ideologies upon our children and families.


Ensure that accountability measures are created and enforced concerning spending, public policy, and attempted overreach.


Ensure that Floridians enjoy lower tax rates that will empower our economy and attract new business opportunities for further growth.


We must put an end to liberal government and media's attempt at destroying the core values of the nuclear family!


Life is precious and sacred and it is a gift from God. We can no longer sit idly by while innocent lives are taken for the sake of convenience.


Legal Gun Ownership is a right afforded and guaranteed to us under the constitution. We must defend this right and promote responsible gun ownership.


Florida has one of the highest populations of senior citizens in the United States. We must defend their way of life, values and traditions.

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Thank you for standing with me again in 2022. I will continue to stand for the values and rights of Conservatives across the State of Florida and America!

Rep. Bobby Payne

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